Celebrating 35 in style…

IMG_7654.JPGA few weeks ago I celebrated my 35th  birthday! Ever year I try to come up with a fun new way to celebrate. This year might have been my favorite year to date.

First, on my actual birthday (March 2nd) I had a very chill morning that included tea, toast and a book at Cleveland Tea Revival in Hinge Town. I got the toast with avocado and salt & pepper SO GOOD! I got a pot of the Lady Lavender tea. I highly recommend this tea, it was delicious! I had two pots! After spending a few hours there I grabbed a quick lunch (Take out from Aladdin Eatery in Cleveland Heights and a Spiced Elderberry Kombucha from Bearded Bush that I grabbed from Beet Jar next door to the Cleveland Tea Rival). Then I met my mom for a movie at the Cedar Lee. We saw The Lady in the Van… interesting movie. the right amount of sad and funny. I recommend it if you get the opportunity.

Later that day we went to the Botanical Garden’s for the Orchid Mania show. The orchids were really amazing. These pictures don’t even do them justice.



A few days later I celebrated with my hubby and friends. First stop was Six Shooter Coffee in the Waterloo Arts District. This was their opening weekend. It was hard to decide between the honey latte or the vanilla latte so I got a vanilla honey latte…I may have started a trend. 😉 Can’t wait to get my hands on some of their beans for my morning cup of Joe.


Second stop was Blue Arrow records. Buying a record on my birthday has slowly become a tradition. This is my favorite record store to go to for older/used vinyl. Their prices are reasonable. The vibe is total rock n roll AND they have a store cat! Though she was hiding at the time. I got some good finds. The most random find was the Scrooged soundtrack! If you become a regular reader I promise you will soon learn just how obsessed with I am with that movie…so I think the birthday gods were with me that day. I also picked up a Blondie album and the mega random purchase of Disney’s The Jungle Book soundtrack.

Our dinner was SUPPOSED to be at Citizen Pie a new pizza joint in the Waterloo Arts District. But they only make a limited supply of dough and when they are out for the night they are out for the night… so sadly we were unable to try this place, but we will definitely keep trying. We had to hustle to find a new place to eat. We decided on Luxe in the Gordon Square Neighborhood  because we all had our hearts set on pizza and it was across the street from our next stop of the evening. We had a great pizza and a drink. I got the “Joy,” Luxe’s version of a Manhattan and the “pepper smoked bacon pizza.” I recommend!

We then went over to Super Electric a new pinball joint! I love playing pinball it’s so fun and not overly complicated like some games can be. I loved this place. Not too crowded yet because they don’t have their liquor license yet, but I’m certain that eventually it will be even more popular. I will definitely be going back.


Our last stop was Coquette Patisserie. I love this place (I’m noticing a pattern here.) It’s a little slice of Paris in the middle of University Circle by Case Western Reserve University & Cleveland Institute of Art Campuses. We enjoyed Opera cakes, French macarons (drunken cherry & Earl Grey flavors) and champagne. It was literally the perfect end to the night! I suggest it to anyone celebrating something special like a birthday or anniversary or a random Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday or…